Friday, June 8, 2012

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme The News

The following post is proof that blogs are often full of totally useless and random details. Just doing my part to clog up the virtual world of non-news.

Last Friday, I left work early to take Matt to a couple of doctor appointments. Nothing serious, just check ups. I thought, hey cool, we'll get these things out of the way and be able to get our Friday started earlier. Whee.

First stop - band physical. No biggie. Matt is tall, thin, healthy and 16 years old. Perfect. "Hey sweetie, hold still for a picture." He is thrilled that I always have a camera available now that I have my iPhone. Lucky 16 year old.

When I was 16 years old, we weren't so lucky to have pictures of every single breathing moment of our lives.  I was so deprived.

Next stop - dermatologist. Scheduled this appointment several weeks ago. I planned to breeze in and out of there and get this Friday thing started. Maybe I should not have thought that out loud. I believe the skin gods had it in for us on this day. It was over 1 hour and 20 minutes before we were even taken back to the exam room! What the heck? At one point, the receptionist chuckled as she commented on how we have probably read all the magazines in the waiting room. Hahahahahahahaha <--okay, not really funny, lady.

Dang. But at least I was able to get another picture of Matt waiting for the doctor. Check out the upside down puppy face on the ceiling. . . and the biohazard box behind his head.  Creepy.


16 year olds love that stuff.

Finally out of there at 6:00. Dang.

Well, as if we couldn't get enough, Matt and I both had eye appointments the next morning. Just livin' the good life. This time, however, we got in and out of there, speedy quick. But not before we found out that the eye doctor likes Radiohead and plays in TWO bands on the weekends.  He rocks.

But please let me share a couple more pictures of what an eye doctor appointment looks like.

Matt waits for his turn at the eye sight checker thingy. 16 year olds love this stuff. Why so serious, dude?


Hey, that's me! Even 51 year olds gotta get in on the action. See? <-- get it, see? A little eye humor.


You're welcome.
Tell me a random event from your week. And were you awesome enough to take totally useless pictures of it like I did?



Ah, yeah, the younger son had a yr and a half's worth treatment of that. :P Your eye doc sounds like our dermatologist: knows all the current bands and pop culture the embarrassment of his wife who is a friend of mine. ;D

I really don't remember my week (saaaad), and I know I didn't take a photo of any part of it. Hmm, ok, I had a nice lunch with my kids at a local vegetarian restaurant that now also serves local, organic meats. Son1 ordered pad thai with tofu. Son2 ordered a Thai fried rice with tofu. Me, I ordered a big fat cheeseburger!! Did I mention that their meats are local and organic? ;) It was super yummy.

You just reminded me that I need to book us eye appointments.

Have a really nice weekend!

Oh, by the way, do you use your phone camera, or do you really bring along a good, professional camera everywhere?


On Tues. I was an election clerk at a local polling place. It was my first time and I really enjoyed it. The voters sure take pride when turning in their ballots. I'm thinking I'll volunteer again in Nov. for the big election.


Didn't take pix tho. Dang!


Hey Teresa! I have my iPhone with me always, and I often have my teeny tiny spy camera (Nikon). I like to be stealthy. :-)

Mary, you gotta sneak a cell phone pic here and there. You just gotta.


Your teeny tiny Nikon takes great photos!

Matt Hanberry

Thanks for publicizing my doctors visits :P 16 year olds love this stuff.


Um...I don't think they let you take pictures at polling places if you're are a poll worker. And, Mary, they actually PAY YOU to do that here. I did it several years ago and was paid about $100 for the day plus they provided our food since we were not allowed to go out of the place and come back in.
Teri...What happened to our music players??? And my blog is all screwed up now! Help!!!

teresa bowen

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