Monday, May 14, 2012

In An Instant

I used to love writing on my blog.  In fact, I would keep a little note pad nearby in case a blog idea popped into my head. I think the part that was even more fun was finding the perfect daily blog song.  I LOVE music.  Always have.

Over the last little while, life has just simply gotten in the way of some of the fun things I have wanted to do. I like my job, but the getting up extra early to beat traffic, driving home for at least an hour every day, trying to eat dinner before I must go to bed earlier than I want so I can (hopefully) fall asleep fast enough to get up way too early, etc., kinda kills the energy I might have to enjoy some fun stuff.

Until now.

I have fallen in love with Instagram. This app lets you upload photos of the mundane, the fantastic, the anything for people to view all over the world.  People "follow" and sometimes give responses. Mostly people follow and "like" the photos.  I have seen some breathtaking photos, most of which are taken with an iPhone (Android now, also). I mean, some of this stuff is incredible.  Here are a few of my Instagram pix.

Me. I Think.

(Yeah, that's me.)

Clematis After Rain

Clematis outside my back door.

Happy Leap Day

This has been sitting on my work desk for almost a year.


Just some stairs.

Have a Seat

My mundane.

Instagram takes very little of my time.  It's fun.  I get inspired by others' photos. And it forces me to stop and smell the roses . .  . And take a picture of them. Just because.

I have found another fun and totally unimportant-to-anyone-else-but-me activity. I have started taking bass guitar lessons!  Yes, I know, pretty awesome, right? Doug gave me this very cool bass guitar for Christmas - two years ago. Look at all that dust!

My Bass

I guess I kept thinking that the ghost of cool bass players would mysteriously inhabit my body and transform my fingers into magical music makers.  Still waiting.  Soooo, I decided to take matters into my own hands (as opposed to said ghost of cool bass players).  Get this - the guy actually asked me if I was interested in learning how to play in a rock band. Um, YES, of course! Duh. Tour dates announced next week. T-shirt pre-sales this weekend.  (hahahaha)  I have now had two months of lessons.  I am ready to rock the world.  I know what you are thinking. Yes, I will always remember the little people. 

You're welcome.  Rock on. 



Wow....A blog post..I am so impressed and I love the pictures..

Hope you post more often..


I will write more...soon. Done with Facebook, I'm pretty sure. But I still have a lot to say. :-)

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Hey! What a cool thing to become a ROCK STAR! (I'm imagining you getting your groove on in a smokey bar, all hip beside the drummer...)

Life can be so twisty-turny, can't it? I was glad to see your post in my reader this morning.

Matt Hanberry

I'm quite glade you've posted again!


I think Instagram is the perfect medium for a very busy yet creative person like you! I've not checked it you subscribe to or follow people on it like with Twitter or Pinterest? You don't have to answer that...I was just talking out loud. ;)

It's nice to see you in the blogosphere again!


Good to see you here. Now I know where to find you.
Good luck with the bass guitar. How fun!


I can't wait to attend your first recital.


i LOVE your instagram photos and wtg on the bass - that's awesome!

Matt Hanberry



Smiling...very cool pics!

I am Julie

I would like to follow you on instagram. What is your name there?

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