Sunday, March 13, 2011


Okay, first, don’t even freak out about today’s song. I just love the Stones and it has the word Mother in it. And, of course you know that I am NOT old. But hey. Rock out, babeeez. hehe

The other night Mackenzie asked, “Mom, why is the ironing board up here?” (Here being the top part of our two-level bedroom, the level where I don’t iron.)

I replied, “Well, I thought it would be easier to iron all this stuff in front of the TV. I got interrupted before I finished, and now here it sits.”

A little overdue ironing

I started thinking back to the last time this happened. 30 years? No, come to think of it…never. Dang. I guess I am just a little tired and busy being the super working outside the home Mom these days. Oh well. At least it’s just my own stuff. Which I save up for weeks until I absolutely need to wear it. Hopefully I won’t need to wear that sweater on the right till next year. Spring, do you hear me???

Speaking of Spring…

My orchids in the foyer are going nuts. 4 out of the 5 on the chest are blooming at the same time. I love orchids – they will bloom for at least 4 months. These poor guys tried to bloom last May when we were having our kitchen remodeled. Once all the workers were gone, all the petals dropped off each plant. I am amazed that all these are blooming at once. I guess it is because I am not only a super working outside the home Mom but also a super I can grow orchids without really having a clue Mom. Boohah.




Who Dun It?

So far, it seems no one knocked this over and “accidently” forgot to clean it up. I guess I will also be the super I will clean it up even though I don’t know who messed it up Mom today. Sigh.


Have a great Sunday. I have to go to the Mall this afternoon. Ugh.

Today’s Daily Blog Song – “Mother’s Little Helper” by The Stones (don’t worry, I won’t become a drug addict. I just like this song. My mother’s little helpers are the teens who should clean up that dirt!!!)



Thanks for the Stones! I miss my music fix from your blog :) Glad all is well. I can't even find my ironing board...pretty flowers too.


I know you loathe the mall so what gives? Seriously can't think of the last time I was in a mall. Bleh!

Oh, and I'm still in my pj's (at 2:55pm).

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Your orchids are gorgeous.


Great orchids! And ironing? Don't seem to go together... I like the orchids much better...


i pay m y 14 year old to do my ironing! your orchids are gorgeous


Use Downy Wrinkle Reducer! It is great!


Gorgeous flowers. I'm fairly certain I'd manage to kill even plastic flowers...


Boy, those orchids sure look good. We keep ours in the bathroom for the humidity. Our haven't bloomed in years. Do you use the 2 different kinds of fertilizer?


My orchid bloomed once and has never done it again. Waaah! Too funny about the ironing board!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages

I won't even show my ironing board, ever. It is always loaded with folded clothes from the dry ...and some not so ..folded.
Loved this post! :)
(I am not really posting at this time...just wandering through to divert understand I think) :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages

p.s. Facebook? No...I dropped off that. I prefer far.

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