Sunday, January 17, 2010

Queen For A Day

You know how much I love photography. 20+ years as a professional photographer probably gives that away. I also love scrapbooking. Once a month, I meet my sister and two friends at a local scrapbook store and we crop and crop and crop till we’ve had our fill for the month. Most often we just talk and laugh and talk and laugh and eat snacks, but sometimes we actually get some pages completed.

A couple of weeks ago, we all met for our monthly crop. However, this crop was an all day thing. Woo hoo. 12 hours of solid scrapbooking bliss. As per our usual course of events, we messed around for a good while before we jumped right in for a day of creative genius. Yeah.

Something extra special about this all day crop thing – there was a theme. Ooooh, cool. The theme was Glitz and Glamour. Hmm, what to do, what to do. My sister immediately came to the rescue. Seems she has collected (for some reason) a treasure trove of blingy stuff. She had tiaras to share. Who has more than one tiara? Better yet, who has even one tiara?


Look how pretty Kim is. Work it, girl.


Jeanine chose a lovely sparkly headband. Matches her eyes.


Sheri opted for the shiny crystal hair clip. It matched her shiny gemstone ring, you know, the one she ordered that she thought was a whole lot smaller than it was in real life. Oh, and all this coordinated with her big, shiny, blingy cross. Again with the looked-a-whole-lot-smaller-in-the-catalog-than-it-is-in-real-life thing. Marvy.


I felt so special in my Queen Crown. And my huge and long strand of pearls.


For some odd reason, my sister ALSO had a couple pairs of false eyelashes. I’ve always wanted to try these out. So we did. The glue is pretty tricky. I don’t think I applied it correctly. All day long, I kept seeing a blob of the stuff in the corner of my eye. I finally pulled these things off after a few of hours. Yuck. But the glue was still stuck to my real eyelashes. Yuck. I am positive that I will never wear these things again.


Ah, the price we Queens pay for beauty.

Have you ever worn false eyelashes? What about a tiara? Have you ever been an ACTUAL Queen?

Today’s Daily Blog Song – “Killer Queen” by Queen



You people know how to have fun! Good for you!


Hey those fake eyelashes look good!! I never tried those. I wear my daughter's tiara sometimes, and I do feel like a queen for that playtime. Great pictures of some beautiful ladies Teri!


I think all girls, even the tomboys, need to dress up in lots of bling even just once in their lives! I've tried on some tiara or another, but I will not try false eyelashes ever because even mascara bothers my eyes, so I can just imagine what glue will do. :P

Hey, what's the URL for your Project 365 blog?! I wanna see (and link to yours)!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages

Hi Teri...thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)
Yes, I have worn false eyelashes but like you I had a mess with the glue. Probably used too much but it cured me. They did look good but..just so blasted uncomfortable.

Scrapbooking. I have several scrapbooks and just cannot get off the ground. I have so much stuff compliled loose in boxes, photo's cards etc. and I don't know where to begin, so for all sits. The scrapbooks are lovely, but empty. I did, however, succeed in getting one book filled with greeting cards of all sorts. It's photo's that need my attention. 55 years of pictures that need to be sorted and then put into scrapbooks. How to get started is my problem.
I don't even know what cropping is? Is it cutting pictures down or something?
It would be such a great thing to do..
My grandchildren won't even know who the people are in the pictures if I don't get something done. And soon. Any suggestions on how to get started?

About Haiti. Since it began I have struggled with exactly what you mentioned in your comment and it only seems to be getting worse down there... feeling bad for them, contributing, and caring is about all we can do. It's sad. Really sad

Green Girl in Wisconsin

My neighbor wears a tiara on her birthday and when she cleans her house. It makes me a little jealous--if I ever see a tiara for sale, I may buy one.
What a fun day for you!

Christie Bryant

Awesome! I totally need a scrappy-girl fix! You look gorgeous in your tiara & pearls! Oh and the lashes, fabulous! Too bad they're such a pain, they look so fun!


I've never tried those fake eye lashy thingies - and now I'm pretty sure I never will.

All of you all look like you are having tons of fun! I seriously need to get back to scrapbooking... Seriously!


You look mah-ve-lous!!! You all do! Scrapping in style ;-)

I've not tried any false lashes, yet, but I've thought about it. My own lashes are pretty sparse these days. :-( It's really only my lazy, no-fuss ways that have kept me from experimenting...


My first thought was "you wear makeup to scrap book"? Then I saw it was phony eyelashes. Ouch!
Nice pic of you.
I was the Junior Class Queen back in the day.

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