Sunday, September 23, 2012

Captain Obvious

I work in a very busy and sometimes stressful law firm. So when it comes to my lunch break, I always always make sure I take my full hour. Even if I end up putting in tons of overtime that week. I AM doing that hour long lunch thing. Always always. 

Oh, and that hour long lunch is most always always outside.  Gotta get out of the building to be one with nature. And my iPad. And iPhone. And Pandora. But I digress. 

One day a few weeks ago, I quickly made my way to one of the very few prime outdoor lunch spots. You know, where I can be at one with nature. And wifi for above-mentioned electronic devices. Gotta. 

As I was approaching a sweet table (where I could pick up wifi, oh yeah and be at one with nature and stuff), I saw this guy standing. . . right next to my sweet (wifi-enhanced) table.  Uh oh, I gotta hurry. 

Not to worry. Seems said guy was playing with a new iPhone. I watched and listened as he did the following. Several times in a row. Again and again. 

Press button on iPhone, hold close to mouth, ask Siri "what time is it?"
No response. 
Press button on iPhone, hold close to mouth, ask Siri "what time is it?"
No response. 
Press button on iPhone, hold close to mouth, ask Siri "what time is it?"
No response. 
Press button on iPhone, hold close to mouth, ask Siri "what time is it?"  AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Um, guy with new iPhone, you know that button you keep pushing? Did you notice that the time is displayed on the screen?  Every. Single. Time?

I think Siri was getting a kick out of this.  I know I was.  In between my Pandora listening and web surfing. Oh yeah, that at one with nature thing. 

Have you witnessed such obviousness in others lately? What about in yourself? Have you ever asked the kids where your keys are when you are holding them? Or you can't find your purse because it is on your shoulder?

Fun stuff.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme The News

The following post is proof that blogs are often full of totally useless and random details. Just doing my part to clog up the virtual world of non-news.

Last Friday, I left work early to take Matt to a couple of doctor appointments. Nothing serious, just check ups. I thought, hey cool, we'll get these things out of the way and be able to get our Friday started earlier. Whee.

First stop - band physical. No biggie. Matt is tall, thin, healthy and 16 years old. Perfect. "Hey sweetie, hold still for a picture." He is thrilled that I always have a camera available now that I have my iPhone. Lucky 16 year old.

When I was 16 years old, we weren't so lucky to have pictures of every single breathing moment of our lives.  I was so deprived.

Next stop - dermatologist. Scheduled this appointment several weeks ago. I planned to breeze in and out of there and get this Friday thing started. Maybe I should not have thought that out loud. I believe the skin gods had it in for us on this day. It was over 1 hour and 20 minutes before we were even taken back to the exam room! What the heck? At one point, the receptionist chuckled as she commented on how we have probably read all the magazines in the waiting room. Hahahahahahahaha <--okay, not really funny, lady.

Dang. But at least I was able to get another picture of Matt waiting for the doctor. Check out the upside down puppy face on the ceiling. . . and the biohazard box behind his head.  Creepy.


16 year olds love that stuff.

Finally out of there at 6:00. Dang.

Well, as if we couldn't get enough, Matt and I both had eye appointments the next morning. Just livin' the good life. This time, however, we got in and out of there, speedy quick. But not before we found out that the eye doctor likes Radiohead and plays in TWO bands on the weekends.  He rocks.

But please let me share a couple more pictures of what an eye doctor appointment looks like.

Matt waits for his turn at the eye sight checker thingy. 16 year olds love this stuff. Why so serious, dude?


Hey, that's me! Even 51 year olds gotta get in on the action. See? <-- get it, see? A little eye humor.


You're welcome.
Tell me a random event from your week. And were you awesome enough to take totally useless pictures of it like I did?

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hip Bone Connected to the Foot Bone

Went for a follow up visit with my rheumatologist this week.  Yeah, I have aches and pains, but nothing serious.  I'm telling the truth.  I actually first went months ago just to double-check that nothing was wrong.  I have had the usual back pain for DECADES.  But hey, I can deal with it.  But that's not what I am writing about.

Anyway, I went to the check up.  I always like to arrive a little early so I can get whatever paperwork out of the way.  Always paperwork, no matter how many times I say, "Yes, everything is (exactly) the same as before.  Everything." Then they ask (every single time), "You still have the same insurance?"  Uh, that's part of the "everything" I was referring to.  But that's not what I am writing about.

I finally get called back, about 15 minutes after my appointment time.  I follow the assistant into the exam room.  We sit down, and then she proceeds to ask me a few of the same questions I answered on that paperwork that I arrived early to take care of.  Okay.  And then, to my horror, she asks me, "How much do you weigh?"  People, I just wrote that $%^&";#* down on that paperwork.  Now I had to say it out loud.  Holy cow.  Okay, I survived, but I somehow felt obliged to add, "But I am working on it."  What the hell?!?  Whatever.

Next, I was surprised with a blood drawing.  Oh neato.  I did not expect this.  Yuck.  What I found funny about that whole deal was how securely the nurse wrapped the cotton ball on my arm after she took my vials (gallons) of blood.  I guess it would be safe if I ran a marathon back to my car after the appointment.


It kinda cut off my circulation, if you want to be honest here.  (Look, that is my foot underneath my arm.)

After the blood letting, I waited for the doctor.  And waited. And checked my Instagram account.  And took a few picturse (of course).  And waited.  And posted to my Instagram account.  This is news worthy stuff here.


And waited.


And noticed that no doctor is sitting there yet.

And found a magazine that I assumed is the adult version of the kiddie Highlights magazine? Dang.


But, believe it or not, this is not what I am writing about, either. It's what happened when the doc finally entered the exam room for my appointment.

I was sitting on the end of the table. He asked me how I have been in the last six months. I feel great, yay for me. Then . . . he reached for one of my shoes, so he could check my feet. Oh.No.Not.The.Feet!!! And then he took off the other shoe! It has been a few (many) weeks since my last pedicure. My toenails look yucky, the polish is chipped and even missing on some spots. Geeeeez. But I acted like nothing was awry.  Naturally.

And then, what I had NOT planned for, happened. He needed to check the mobility in my LEGS. (What? I walked into this office just fine. These things work. Don't check.)

Yes, these are the same legs that I haven't shaved in a week (month). Oh.Mah.Gawd. There was no way this guy couldn't notice these things.

This is how I wanted my feet and legs to look.

Broke Out My Pasty Whites

Unfortunately, this is how I know my feet and legs looked.

I survived. I don't need to go back for another six months. I will shave my legs by then. Or it will be cold enough for socks. We'll see.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Love You Grandma

We visited my 92 year old grandmother about a month or so ago. It was one of those grown up visits. You know, the kind where you are aware that the near future may not be what you would choose but what will happen regardless. My grandmother has not been well for a little while now. When we visited her in November, my husband, son and I witnessed my grandmother go from very weak but pretty lucid in her home hospital bed to talking toward the wall to my sister who had not been able to make the trip with us that weekend. Grandma started reaching for someone, then she started cradling a baby that did not exist. Then the ambulance arrived to take her to the nursing home. This wasn't an activity that had been planned for that weekend. Grandma had hoped to never go to a nursing home. Grandma stayed in that same nursing home, never to return home to live again with her 95 year old sister, Aunt Edna Mae.

I went to visit Grandma on this particular weekend recently because I understood she was declining further. I was lucky enough to have visited with her about 6 weeks earlier, also. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to dash to the next state on a Saturday evening in order to spend a couple of precious hours with Grandma. Once we walked into her room, the look on her face was one of total surprise and joy. She was so lonely. It was obvious that she was hanging onto our every word during that visit.

3-24 thru 3-25-12 Grandma visit - 23

Matt loves his great Grandma.

Before we went into Grandma's room that day, I had to decide how I was going to participate in this visit. Should I try to cover all the stories I ever wanted to hear from Grandma? Should I try to make this the most memorable visit ever for both of us? Or should I enjoy every word, expression and hug and let our time go however it goes? Number Three

Grandma was in good spirits. She led most of the conversations. We talked of my late Grandfather. Grandma told us again as she always has that Granddaddy loved us all so much. There was never a question in my mind that Granddaddy loved us. Never. We talked about the swingset he put up in their backyard just for us when we were so little. I remember sitting on one of the swings while singing "I Want To Bite Your Hand," by that new group The Beatles. Okay, so you may remember the title being "I Want HOLD Your Hand." (I was about 4 years old.) I also remember how black and rich smelling the dirt was near the swingset in Grandma and Granddaddy's back yard. And I remember Grandma hanging clothes out on the line in that backyard. I wanted to do that with her but I couldn't reach the line.

Grandma, do you remember when you asked us what we wanted on a pizza and I asked for anchovies? I didn't know exactly what anchovies were, but I had heard about them on a cartoon. When we got the pizza, those anchovies were the hairiest, saltiest things I had ever seen on a pizza. Grandma, do you remember how Granddaddy would let us "style" his hair over and over? He would quietly sit there and smile while we created a new look for him. Grandma, I remember the stories you used to tell us about your pig named Judy Marie. I had forgotten about Judy Marie until one of our recent visits with you. Grandma, I have always loved your stories. And I will never forget them.

2-4 thru 2-5-12 Alabama - 039

Grandma passed away in the early morning of May 4, 2012 - two weeks ago. Her memorial service is in a week. I look forward to celebrating her, but I don't look forward to missing her. That little 4 year old Teri is still having too much fun with Grandma and Granddaddy.


GrandmaGrandaddy older retouched

Grandma and Granddaddy way before I was born.


Grandma enjoying a dip in the pool.  She must have been on vacation.  Probably stayed at the Howard Johnson.


That's the smile I will never forget.  Ever.

Monday, May 14, 2012

In An Instant

I used to love writing on my blog.  In fact, I would keep a little note pad nearby in case a blog idea popped into my head. I think the part that was even more fun was finding the perfect daily blog song.  I LOVE music.  Always have.

Over the last little while, life has just simply gotten in the way of some of the fun things I have wanted to do. I like my job, but the getting up extra early to beat traffic, driving home for at least an hour every day, trying to eat dinner before I must go to bed earlier than I want so I can (hopefully) fall asleep fast enough to get up way too early, etc., kinda kills the energy I might have to enjoy some fun stuff.

Until now.

I have fallen in love with Instagram. This app lets you upload photos of the mundane, the fantastic, the anything for people to view all over the world.  People "follow" and sometimes give responses. Mostly people follow and "like" the photos.  I have seen some breathtaking photos, most of which are taken with an iPhone (Android now, also). I mean, some of this stuff is incredible.  Here are a few of my Instagram pix.

Me. I Think.

(Yeah, that's me.)

Clematis After Rain

Clematis outside my back door.

Happy Leap Day

This has been sitting on my work desk for almost a year.


Just some stairs.

Have a Seat

My mundane.

Instagram takes very little of my time.  It's fun.  I get inspired by others' photos. And it forces me to stop and smell the roses . .  . And take a picture of them. Just because.

I have found another fun and totally unimportant-to-anyone-else-but-me activity. I have started taking bass guitar lessons!  Yes, I know, pretty awesome, right? Doug gave me this very cool bass guitar for Christmas - two years ago. Look at all that dust!

My Bass

I guess I kept thinking that the ghost of cool bass players would mysteriously inhabit my body and transform my fingers into magical music makers.  Still waiting.  Soooo, I decided to take matters into my own hands (as opposed to said ghost of cool bass players).  Get this - the guy actually asked me if I was interested in learning how to play in a rock band. Um, YES, of course! Duh. Tour dates announced next week. T-shirt pre-sales this weekend.  (hahahaha)  I have now had two months of lessons.  I am ready to rock the world.  I know what you are thinking. Yes, I will always remember the little people. 

You're welcome.  Rock on. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Write Stuff

"Mom, you need to update your blog."

"Mom, why haven't you updated your blog."

"Did you write about (insert very important event here)?"

Sigh. Life has somehow taken me away from this writing thing that I actually enjoy. Of course, I actually enjoy many things. That's the problem, I think.

I enjoy my job. I enjoy that I get a paycheck to do said job. I enjoy playing with my photos. I enjoy making photobooks with said photos. I enjoy my husband.  I enjoy watching movies, going out to eat and just hanging with said husband. Oh, and then there are the offspring. I enjoy having time with them, all of them. And don't even let me get started about that sweet, cuddly, adorable little grandbaby.

Can I borrow a cup of time, please?

Time is zooming all around me. It is not unusual for me to work a few to several hours overtime here and there. A girl gets tired. The laundry doesn't care about the tired thing. My kids have all but grown up in the blink of an eye. This year really sealed that reality for me. Two babies graduated from high school.



Look at all of us together!!

I don't have the proper words to describe the pride I feel. At the same time, those milestones are a reminder that my babies are now faced with the reality of adult responsibility. It's a good thing. And I guess I am supposed to be looking forward to more Me time in the coming years. But a big part of Me Time over the last 18+ years has happily been wrapped up in Kid Time. Who's gonna need me anymore?


Oh, I know it'll be fine.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Okay, first, don’t even freak out about today’s song. I just love the Stones and it has the word Mother in it. And, of course you know that I am NOT old. But hey. Rock out, babeeez. hehe

The other night Mackenzie asked, “Mom, why is the ironing board up here?” (Here being the top part of our two-level bedroom, the level where I don’t iron.)

I replied, “Well, I thought it would be easier to iron all this stuff in front of the TV. I got interrupted before I finished, and now here it sits.”

A little overdue ironing

I started thinking back to the last time this happened. 30 years? No, come to think of it…never. Dang. I guess I am just a little tired and busy being the super working outside the home Mom these days. Oh well. At least it’s just my own stuff. Which I save up for weeks until I absolutely need to wear it. Hopefully I won’t need to wear that sweater on the right till next year. Spring, do you hear me???

Speaking of Spring…

My orchids in the foyer are going nuts. 4 out of the 5 on the chest are blooming at the same time. I love orchids – they will bloom for at least 4 months. These poor guys tried to bloom last May when we were having our kitchen remodeled. Once all the workers were gone, all the petals dropped off each plant. I am amazed that all these are blooming at once. I guess it is because I am not only a super working outside the home Mom but also a super I can grow orchids without really having a clue Mom. Boohah.




Who Dun It?

So far, it seems no one knocked this over and “accidently” forgot to clean it up. I guess I will also be the super I will clean it up even though I don’t know who messed it up Mom today. Sigh.


Have a great Sunday. I have to go to the Mall this afternoon. Ugh.

Today’s Daily Blog Song – “Mother’s Little Helper” by The Stones (don’t worry, I won’t become a drug addict. I just like this song. My mother’s little helpers are the teens who should clean up that dirt!!!)

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